Our Products

Allergic Solution provides great tasting, versatile mixes to meet all of your allergic needs.


Our allergen-free food products are available at your local supermarket and health food store and at our on-line store


Pancake & Waffle

Vanilla Cake Yeast-Free Bread Pancake & Waffle

Pancake &
Waffle Mix

The best pancake
or waffle you’ll
ever taste.

Cake Mix

A little slice
of heaven.

Bread Mix

So light and fluffy, 
you won’t believe 
it’s gluten-free!


We are TOP 10 allergen-free!

Many people possess multiple allergies or sensitivities -- the Allergic Solution mixes were created with this in mind. Our mixes are free of: corn, dairy/casein, eggs, gluten/wheat, peanuts, tree-nuts and soy. 


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