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Vacation, Stress Relief and Happy Times


By the time you read this I will be somewhere in the Mediterranean enjoying my honeymoon with my new hubby. 

Now I have done this before and got two wonderful sons out of the deal but I never had a wedding nor did I get a honeymoon.  So I am about as giddy as one can get.

Wedding planning is OK in the beginning when you are looking at venues and picking out coordinating linens. Visions of Cinderella in your head and imagining your best girlfriends giggling and pitching in to help.

Insert screeching tires here!  Yeah it is nothing like that when you get down to the wire.  The last month has been a scheduling nightmare with the wedding party, getting my boys school schedule co-ordinated with the wedding schedule and all the little details that I hate organizing.  On top of that add running a household with two teenage boys a dog and a fiancé that just can’t understand why you are in melt down mode because after 13 specialty stores you still can’t find a square silver cake stand that fits the vision in your head!  Oh did I mention running a business and trying to provide the same level of service to your customers.

I soooo need this vacation.  My anxiety level was through the roof with the thought of leaving my business for two weeks.  I convinced myself I was going to Europe to check out all the gluten free options available so I felt better about taking a vacation.  Anyone that owns their business knows that leaving it for an extended period of time knows it is like leaving your baby.

Wish me luck and I guess wish my new hubby the patience to put up with my anxiety and my neurotic thought of “OMG how will things survive without me?” I hope to bring back many memories and be slightly more relaxed than I am right now.  Everyone has asked me to post some pictures so stay tuned.