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Gratitude! A Big Thank You to Our Customers and Savings!

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The past few weeks I have seen a lot of gratitude posts on Facebook, courses on gratitude and a general buz around giving back.  I believe we all need to start the day on a positive note no matter how little sleep you got the night before or waking and discovering there is no coffee left and no one went to buy anymore even though they know Mommy is a bear without it! Sometimes gratitude can be a challenge ;)

This got me to thinking; as a company are we grateful every day for what we have?  As a business owner it is really easy to get caught up with all the stuff that goes wrong on a day to day basis.  From the copier being jammed AGAIN to your supplier being out of chick pea flour until next Ash Wednesday; business is hard.  There are so many variables you can’t control but you have to appear as if you have all the balls in the air and it is effortless.  Being a small business with limited staff can be even harder.  That is why I am so grateful for my awesome staff.  They help me to appear brilliant and on top of everything.  From managing our social media to making sure I have not double booked myself with meetings and keeping me on task when my To-do list is a mile long.  They really are the best staff any business can have.

So for the next 21 days Allergic Solution is going to give back to those we are most grateful for, our awesome customers.

Each Monday we will post on our website/web store and social media what we will be giving back to our customers to show our gratitude.

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