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I Am Back: On Cruises and Customer Service.

So I am back from my 2 week honeymoon in Europe.  It is weird saying I was on my honeymoon at my age but that is what it was and I had a fabulous time. Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.14.53 AM

My amazing husband (I am still getting used to calling him my husband) took care of booking our honeymoon and planning every detail of it.  I took care of the wedding and somehow I think he had the much ‘funner’ task but I am grateful.

When he first suggested a cruise I was “Ugh! Seriously??”  You see we did a cruise a couple of years ago with my oldest son and his friend during March Break.  Picture a very large cruise ship, packed with the spring break crowd whose only goal was to see how drunk they could get every night!  It was a nightmare to say the least.  I was grateful it was only a 5 day cruise because after the 3rd day I committed to jumping over the side if it didn’t end soon.  The food was crap, the ship was packed, we spent the days just wondering the ship because these lovely spring breakers would throw their towels over the deck chairs the night before then sleep until noon, wander up to the pool deck and lay in the sun getting drunk the rest of the day, only to leave after the sun went down.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.13.22 AM  I was less than enthused to go on another cruise.  Well I have to say I had the time of my life.  We cruised for 10 days with Regent Seven Seas Cruise line and stopped in 10 ports around the Mediterranean.  The weather was warm and sunny every day, not a drop of rain fell the whole time we were gone.  The best thing about this cruise line was it was an all-inclusive.  They flew us to Rome and put us up in a hotel a couple of days before the actual cruise started.  They had a representative at the hotel that organised a tour of Rome at night and a dinner and they even provided a shuttle to and from the city centre several times a day.  We were then transported to the port where we checked in and got on the ship.  When we got to our suite we were surprised to find a bottle of champagne, flowers and a cake that said Happy Honeymoon.  I was so impressed!  Our suite was incredible, king size bed, a sitting area with a TV, desk, bar and fridge that was stocked with drinks and alcohol, all included in the price. We had a huge walk in closet and a bathroom with a tub and separate shower and more storage than I have at home!  Our room was cleaned twice a day; bed was turned down at night and chocolates left on our pillow.  We had the option of leaving a breakfast card on the door every night requesting what time we wanted our breakfast the next morning.  We fully took advantage of this; every morning!  Did I mention the balcony where you found us most mornings eating our room service meal?

The food was amazing (you can tell by tightness of my jeans on my return).  My husband was convinced the closet was shrinking his clothes!  Every morning I was sent an advanced copy of the menu for the main restaurant.  I got to pick what I wanted and then they made sure it was prepared according to my food allergies.  I really appreciated their attention to my special needs when it came to my diet.  They also provided a ‘Spa’ menu for those who were concerned with fat, salt and sugar intake.  The coffee bar had no sugar added cookies and I could have requested gluten free cookies had I thought I needed yet another treat to fill out my waist line!

As a business owner and someone who used to teach a customer service class, I was so impressed with the staff, they were so friendly, efficient and you felt like they truly appreciated choosing their cruise line.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

If you are thinking of taking a cruise, check out this company.  The price was higher than I thought we should pay but when you look at the fact we never had to open our wallets after we got on the ship it was really a fantastic deal.

Ok so now that the honeymoon is over it is back to reality, worst part of the vacation is I missed all my amazing customers!  So glad to be back and connecting with all of you again.


Vito and I

Vito and I