International Pancake Day is Here! Do you Like them for Breakfast or Dinner or BOTH?


I have such warm and fuzzy feelings around our pancakes/wafffles because my fondest memories of my 2 sons growing up were all the Saturdays, the three of us sat around the breakfast table eating our pancakes or waffles and chatting.  Then as  we discovered food sensitivities in our family there was some frustration to create a pancake we all could enjoy and maintain our health. Eventually I created our Allergic Solution Pancake/Waffle Mix  and we could once again dependably enjoy pancakes while maintaining out healthy diet. We all could eat pancakes happily without any gastro-intestional or skin flare-ups! You know what it is like. You just want to eat delicious familiar food and feel great too. Now they are teenagers and most Saturdays I would just like to wack them upside the head with the waffle iron! :)

#1 Our Favourite Dinner Pancake Recipe

Many nights in the rush of getting two teenagers off to work after school and also having to have dinner for me and my hubby, I resort to this ultra quick pancake or waffle dinner.

I generally keep a ziploc bag full of waffles or pancakes in the freezer that can be pulled out, popped in the toaster and eaten.  Even if they have to be made fresh it rarely takes more than a few minutes to get them mixed and on the waffle iron or in the pan.


Make AS Pancake/waffle mix according to directions on bag.  While your pancakes or waffles are cooking start broiling or frying your sausage (to save time cut the sausage into bite size pieces it will save time).

Place one pancake or waffle on plate, cut two sausages into pieces cover the pancake/waffle evenly, sprinkle cheese on top and cover with another pancake or waffle.  Serve.

You can also roll the sausage (whole) and cheese in a pancake and eat like a burrito.  My kids sometimes put salsa on top of their sausage and cheese pancake sandwich and if truth be told they generally eat these in the car on the way to work.  Once hubby gets home all I do is warm the pancakes in the toaster oven with the sausage.  Once warmed I assemble and serve.

#2 Yummy Breakfast Waffles (or Pancakes)

Saturday morings are traditionally our waffle mornings.  This goes back to when my boys were little and I would be woken by two little boys jumping up and down chanting “we want waffles, we want waffles!”

We would make a batch of waffles (this also works well with pancakes) then assemble all the goodies we would put on top.  My guys like strawberries, kiwi, melon, blueberries, bananas and apples.  While the waffles cooked I would cut up all the fruit and put in small bowls, some mornings for a treat we also used chocolate chips, pecans and whipped cream.  This is great for little kids because they can choose from each bowl and create their own pancakes

#3 Recipe Adaptations

Throw in a half cup of frozen blue berries in the mix when you are finished mixing as per directions on the bag and you have instant blueberry pancakes.  Throw in half cup of chocolate chips and top with banana slices and voila banana chocolate chip pancakes.

Feel free to add your favourite recipe in the comment section.


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