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Having a Child with Autism and the Son-Rise Program

This month we are donating 15% of all on-line sales to Jordyn’s  goal of getting a service dog.  We asked Jordyn’s mom, Kelli to a write a post for us describing the Son-Rise Program and how it has helped Jordyn.

Having a Child with Autism by Kelli

Having a child diagnosed with autism I felt as if I’d been dropped at the bottom of very large mountain with no equipment to climb, but knew that was the only way to go, there was no looking back.  When first dropped at the base of the mountain, I went through all the standard stages – “why me” stage, then the “what did I do wrong that landed us here” stage, then the “what now” stage, all whilst not moving up the mountain.  Then there was a moment where I got the opportunity that this climb could be – not just for Jordyn, but for all of us – he was a gift given to teach us all sorts of lessons. 

It was soon after that moment that the Son-Rise Program came into our lives.  In reading the website I knew it was for us.  Grounded in loving and accepting Jordyn (and his autism) for all he is, while wanting more for us we began the climb up the mountain.

When we started our Son-Rise Program Jordyn was non-verbal, in his own world perseverating every waking hour on one activity or another, and not exhibiting his awareness of our presence except to guide our hand to food or drink.  Through loving play and joining Jordyn in his world he has come into ours – he now communicates with 3-4 word requests, LOVES being with people and including them in his games, and trying out their games.  We (including everyone we’ve trained to work with him) have enjoyed every moment and have had our lives altered over and over inside of playing with and loving him deeply.  We would not parent any other way.   We model exactly how we want him to interact with others – with loving respect, adventure, persistence, peacefulness, and passion – and he has blossomed!

All the things we have done have been complimentary to the Son-Rise Program, and/or in line with underlying principles of the program.  We continue to work and play with Jordyn to allow him to grow into the best version of himself.

Watch Jordyn’s journey Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.10.22 AM

Thank you Allergic Solution for being part of this Journey and your ongoing support.