About us

Our company

Allergic Solution has always been about helping people and providing easy to make nutritious solutions for families and individuals with food allergies.  We believe in transparency when it comes to food manufacturing and making the best product with the cleanest, simplest ingredients.  We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and it helps create a solution you have been looking for.

Our team

Allergic Solution is made up of many people who are integral in making us a success. Our creator and president Tammie Sarra who is always in the kitchen mixing up yummy creations for us to taste, Sabra the brilliant COO who keeps many balls in the air and everyone organised, Vito our IT guy who tries really hard to NOT roll his eyes when we make just one more request of him to 'fix' something, distributors, marketing & sales staff and warehouse staff that works hard to make sure your purchase make it to you in a fast efficient manner.  We all have a common goal. To give our brilliant customers a good experience from start to finish.