Food Services


Allergic Solution bulk mixes follow the same philosophy as our individual packaged mixes, transparency when it comes to our testing procedures and manufacturing standards.  For more information on this please see our Production Standards.

Safety- the ingredients have been tested for the presence of allergens, something that cannot always be guaranteed from individual flours.
Tested Allergen Free- for gluten, wheat, peanut, tree-nut, corn, soy, dairy, casein & egg
Free From: sesame, shell fish, mustard seed, sulphites, sesame & nitrites
Save you time - NO mixing up individual flours
Simple ingredients used to make the finished product make it cost effective
No sugar added also gives you the flexibility to adjust the sweetness to suit your clientele and/or produce diabetic friendly products


Contact us today about obtaining samples of the bulk mixes to experiment with.


Allergic Solution Ready made products are a great way to offer allergen-free products to your clients.

We supply-  universities, colleges, nursing homes, daycares, major industry/independent cafes and coffee shops
We produce ready made-  cookies, muffins, brownies and crackers.
Flexibility- We can accommodate gluten and nut free only or all the way to free of the top 15 food allergens (listed above).  We will work with your food allergen needs.
Safety- All products can be individually packed and sealed to prevent cross contamination within your facility.

Please contact us to find out how we can tailor products to fit your needs.