“These mixes are absolutely fantastic! The waffles are the best I’ve ever tasted – much better than even the gluten recipes I have used. And no one would ever guess that the muffins are gluten free. They are delicious!”

-Patricia S. Toronto, Ontario



"As an 83 year old man who has lived with diabetes for over 20 years, I was thrilled to discover Allergic Solution Vanilla and Carob Cake Mixes.  It has been hard to give up the foods that I enjoyed before being diagnosed with diabetes, but with Allergic Solution, I am not sacrificing the flavour or the decadence of these desserts.  Knowing that they are good for me, all the while helping keep my blood sugar levels balanced has made this product my non-guilty pleasure. I actually prefer them to the regular brands out there."

-David P. Toronto, Ontario



“Allergic Solution mixes have been my saving grace! When I was diagnosed with multiple food sensitivities, I didn't think I would be able to enjoy bread, muffins, cakes or pancakes any longer.  When my sister discovered the mixes at a local health food store, I immediately told her to buy all the mixes on the shelf! I continue to enjoy the mixes, and am experimenting with adding different ingredients and developing new recipes.  Thank goodness for the creators of this great product line and for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy food once again!”

-Sylvia L. Toronto, Ontario



“I was first introduced to Allergic Solution mixes through a friend with a child that has food allergies.  Although my family does not have food allergies, the carob cake was the perfect dessert to serve at a get together with this allergic family.  The cake was delicious!  Finally there is a product that not only tastes great, but is healthy for you. With the Allergic Solution mixes, I don't object to my children asking for seconds or feel guilty about indulging -- especially when we're watching calories! Although this product was intended for people with allergies it can definitely be enjoyed by all. It’s healthy without having to compromise on taste. I look forward to trying the Bread and Pancake mixes as well!”

-Diana M. Richmond Hill, Ontario



“Thanks so much for all you do, learn and share, in the hopes of bettering people's lives through health and good nutrition.”

-Leslie H. Aurora, Ontario



“I just baked a batch of the Allergic Solution muffins (with carrots). They are AMAZING!  I love absolutely love them! When my daughter came home from school, I gave her a muffin to try and she ate four mini-muffins -- she LOVES them! She said, "Mummy I can't believe that these muffins are healthy and sooo delicious”.  It’s a gift to all "mums" to find something that kids love and is so healthy. Thanks Allergic Solution.”

-Jenny C. Aurora, Ontario