Production Standards


When it comes to food manufacturing and ingredients I have definite opinions as to how things should be.  Because my family has food allergies I want to know what I am eating and where these ingredients come from.  Because that is what I expect I want to give that back to my customers.  


My mixes are simple without a lot of ingredients.  I want to ensure those ingredients are free from the most common food allergens and sourced from ethical suppliers.  You can read below about our Allergen Control Program and our testing. 


I don’t believe GMO foods are doing us any favours so I don’t use any ingredients that come from GMO crops.  I like to support farmers in my country so every raw ingredient I can source from Canada I get from Canada.  Tapioca is not native to Canada so I source that from a country that is an expert in tapioca, Brazil.  I feed my family good quality foods so I want my customers to have a good quality product.


I don’t spend a lot of money advertising, I would rather spend it on quality ingredients and I think most people who want the best for their families want the same thing.  I would rather know paying a premium price for a product is because of the quality of ingredients not because they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.


You can be confident our product is free from the allergens listed because they are not only manufactured in a facility free of gluten, etc but also the raw ingredients go through a rigorous scrutiny to be assured none of them came into contact with any of the common allergens.


Allergic Solution mixes are also certified Kosher, you know just because we like to be all inclusive, that’s how we roll here.