About Us


Hi, I am Tammie Sarra – I am Mom to two young men who are about to leave the nest, wife to Vito, an entrepreneur, and a certified nutritionist.  I am also president, chief product development officer and guinea pig for Allergic Solution -- my company that develops, markets and distributes premium allergen free baking mixes and food products. I also live with food allergies.


Making difficult choices has always been a challenge.  My choice to leave the corporate world to the uncertainty of starting on my own business was not easy one.  In fact, my friends and loved ones wondered what I was doing especially because at the time I was a single Mom supporting my family. Some would say that my decision was not well considered – but they also know me to be passionate about what I believe in and would be able to make a difference.  I hope I am.


Having food allergies, as we know, is not the newest fad or marketing gimmick – it’s our reality. We live with it every day.  So when I discovered that I was not alone and that one out of thirteen people suffer from some type of food allergy, I knew that I could combine my experience and food background to create products that were not only allergen free but also tasty.   


I also discovered that gluten-free, allergen free products cannot be manufactured in conventional operations due in large part to the potential of cross contamination with other ingredients within their facility compromising the product quality and integrity.  This probably explains why so few products are available and why they are more expensive.  Another challenge.


Allergic Solution products all start in the Tammie test kitchen.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many cakes, muffins, and bread recipes  have been tried, eaten, tested, and thrown out.  Getting the nutritional value, and taste quality just right has not been without its challenges.


I am thrilled, based on the response of my valued customers – I think we got it right.


It was the right choice – making products that help make your life a little easier. .. And healthier.


Thank you for choosing Allergic Solution.