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Are you taking care of YOU?

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.54.51 AMI really had a hard time writing this blog post.  It was a short week here in Canada. For us, Monday was Victoria Day so I had to cram 5 days of work into 4 days.  We also took the kids and two of their friends to New York City for the weekend.  This added laundry, cleaning the house and grocery shopping to the list, things I normally do on the weekends.

The first thing to go out the window when I am busy is taking care of the one person that keeps all the balls in the air, all the time…ME!  I start skipping meals, staying up too late to get work done, sjip my morning walk, skip my daily meditation and on and on.  I think this is true for most mom’s.  We not only take care of our lives but we have the lives of our families to take care of as well.  Add to that a full time job or a company to run and it can be almost impossible to find some me time.

Think about how insane that is though, it is really true that when mom is happy everyone is happy and when mom is stressed everyone is stressed.  It is important for us to take care of us first so we can be more effective in looking after our loved ones.

Try to ignore the hippopotamus sized dust bunnies under the beds or better yet, get the kids to capture them. The finger prints on the fridge, hey who are they hurting?  Leave them for another day.  Teach the children how to make an awesome cup of tea (or martini, no judgement here, my kids make wicked cocktails!).  Even if it is a 15 min break locked in the bathroom sitting on the counter with your eyes closed.  Unless the house is on fire everything can wait at least 15 min.  When my kids were babies and I was home changing diapers, feeding them, cleaning the house and doing endless loads of laundry, as soon as my ex-husband came home from work, I handed him the baby and went for a walk around the block.  I was on my break.

As women we under-value our worth.  A good friend of mine told me one day she felt guilty because she didn’t contribute as much financially as her husband did.  She is a brilliant mother and an awesome wife who takes care of everything so her husband can concentrate on his work and do what he does best.  The way I look at it is if she were not so awesome her husband would have to worry about all the stuff she takes care of and he would not be as effective at his job.  We are multi-taskers, warriors for our kids, nurses, CEOs of our homes, chefs, maids, nannies etc. etc. and that is on top of our day jobs in most cases. So please commit to taking care of yourself every day for at least 15 min, you deserve it and your family deserves it.