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I’d Love To Help You Eat Clean!

We invited Sarah of My Mostly Healthy Life to write a guest post for us and we are so pleased she accepted!

If you’re like any of the rest of us, every now and then you probably find it very hard to stick to a clean diet free of processed foods, fast food and/or prepackaged foods. I definitely find it hard sometimes as well. I’ve thought about ways to help make it easier for you on your clean eating journey, and what I’ve learned so far.

  • If your just starting on your clean eating journey, rid your home off ALL of the “no-no’s!”. Out of sight, out of mind.This is probably one of the hardest things people deal with when they first decide to start eating a clean and healthy diet. Yes, this is going to mean you’re probably going to throw out a bunch of food. No it is not ok for you to “just finish what you have in your pantry and not buy more after that” because this is a vicious cycle and it won’t end. I’m sure if you weigh the pros and cons, there are a lot more pros to throwing out the “franken-foods” in your home and starting your health journey right away.
  • When in the grocery store, stick to the parameter. Grocery stores are smart and know how to make you cave to the expensive, prepackaged foods that provide little to no nutrients. If you’ve never noticed, the outside of the grocery store is where all of the fresh, clean food resides, veggies and fruits, fresh meat, dairy, and frozen veggies and fruits. The only thing you should need to get in the aisle, is cooking oil, nuts, seeds and coffee/tea. Avoid the bread section (gluten does not do anybody any good!), and aim for organic, fresh veggies/fruits.
  • Only buy what you need. It’s better to go to the grocery store 2-3x/week rather than throwing away a ton of produce you didn’t eat and it went bad.
  • Avoid the liquor store! Nothing can put a halt on clean eating like alcohol. Not only is alcohol completely empty in terms of nutrients, but drinking it may make it seem like that pizza isn’t so bad after all! Wrong-o! Just avoid this all together and you’ll be doing your body a wonder of good!

I hope this helped! You can find me over at www.mymostlyhealthylife.com if you have any questions, or you want to follow my journey!
Yours in fitness & health,