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Going Gluten-free is Often Not Enough!

17463_wpm_lowresRecently I had a conversation with a gentleman that has very unstable type 2 diabetes.  Unstable because as soon as he deviates from his very strict diet he becomes either hypo or hyper glycemic.

He shared with me that 40 of his 58 years he ate like crap.  He left home at 18, his mother only cooked from scratch and many things she grew herself including their meat.  When he left home for university he survived on junk food and fast food.  When he got married his wife loved to bake and they ate sweets every night.  Both he and his wife were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in their late 40’s.  They were both on medication and ‘cheated’ quite often.  Within 5 years they were both on insulin and his wife died of complication from diabetes 3 years ago.  After his wife died he decided food was just not worth his health.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Well for me it really hit home because having food allergies/sensitivities I moan and complain about not being able to eat this and that.  I meet many celiacs/people with food allergies and sensitivities that just want food that tastes good and they really are not concerned about the nutrition end of things.

Here is my take on it:  For years I worked with families of autistic kids to help them heal their kid’s guts.  For most children with autism it meant getting them off gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast, cleaning up the GI so they can heal.  Most autistic kids have leaky gut syndrome (small holes in their GI that food etc. can get through wreaking havoc in the system).  Basically these kids eat an anti-inflammatory diet to calm things down enough so they can heal.   Celiacs have a similar problem.  The GI is compromised, there is a lot of inflammation, nutrients are not absorbed and their whole system suffers.

Unfortunately just getting off gluten is not always enough.  It may be for a few years but the one thing I hear over and over again is eventually they start feeling unwell again.  Not always GI related, it could be joint pain, chronic migraines, skin problems, thyroid disease, type 2 diabetes etc.

When the GI tract is compromised it is imperative that we eat a good clean diet so we can fully heal.  Does that mean we can never have a ‘treat’?  No but we can’t be eating ‘crap’ every day.  Garbage in, garbage out! We truly are what we eat.  High inflammatory foods, high glycemic foods cannot be eaten every day or our health will suffer.  Steer clear of products that are high in sugar (especially refined sugars and artificial sweetners), high glycemic carbs (rice, corn and potato starches), artificial colours, flavours and additives, unhealthy fats and low fibre ingredients.

I like the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time, eat healthy foods (vegetables, fruit, lean meats, high fibre grains and healthy fats) and 20% of the time we eat the crappy stuff we all love so much.  Gluten free does not mean healthy.  If you are experiencing health challenges after getting off gluten take a serious and honest look at the foods you are consuming and start making some small choices….food really is not worth your health!


I Stopped Eating Gluten and Still Felt Like Crap

15 years ago I went gluten free because of many, many GI problems I was having.  I am sure a lot of you out there know what I am talking about.  Gas, bloating, nausea, alternating constipation and diarrhea; fun times!

I felt really good for about 10 years eating gluten free.  When I say eating gluten free 15 years ago, it was basically give up any kind of breads, pasta and sweets because what was available, quite frankly tasted like cardboard and was extremely dry.  Every once in a while I would try gluten again and would be fine for about 3 days then all the old symptoms came back.

I started to notice in the last 5+ years more and more gluten-free options available, whoo hoo!  So I started eating gluten free bread, gluten free cookies, gluten free this gluten free that.  What I also noticed is I was feeling un-well again.  Not the GI symptoms but my joints ached, finger nails started to peel, tiredness when I should have had a lot of energy, skin rashes, ‘female’ problems etc.  I chalked it up to getting older and just tried to ignore all the symptoms.  I hate going to the doctor so I avoid it at all cost.  My family says if my head was chopped off I would try sticking it back on and say I was fine.  Perhaps not that extreme but I am my own worst enemy when it comes to my health.

After finding out some alarming news about my health I decided to smarten up and go see my Naturopath to see what she could offer me besides medication, surgery and some other very invasive treatments my GP and specialist wanted to do.  A few tests later and she said my hormones were out of balance, I had inflammation in my body that was off the charts and she said I was reacting to a lot of things in my diet.

Now I have studied nutrition for years and thought I knew a thing or two about how to eat to stay healthy, well I did when it came to other people but I was different! Yeah ok, I need to write a book called “The Lies I Tell Myself”.

I argued with my ND that I ate healthy, I was eating gluten free!  She said you may be eating gluten free but everything you are eating is high glycemic and very inflammatory…..hmmm so those ggluten free cookies were not really healthy?  NO!  I actually started paying attention to the labels on the gluten free pre-packaged food I was consuming.  Holy Moly! Yeah, not so healthy.  I was always fastidious about reading labels when it came to the stuff I fed my kids especially when it came to snacks and treats. For me, well not so much.  I was a busy single mom who would go all day without eating then grab a bag of gluten free snacks to curb my hunger.  I also travelled a lot and ate out more than I wanted.  I needed to change things if I was going to feel better.

It wasn’t easy to find healthy prepackaged gluten free foods, correct that, it was impossible to find healthy prepackaged gluten free foods.   Everything had a ton of sugar, rice flour, potato starch or flour, and other high glycemic / inflammatory ingredients. I cut out all bread, pasta and sweets out of my diet again.  I felt fantastic.  The only problem was sometimes I felt like a sandwich or a cookie with my tea.

This is why I created the Allergic Solution mixes