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Do you want your child to make healthier food choices?

Are you wanting to get your child onside with making healthier food choices?  Here’s how!

As a parent, how do you begin to get your child onside with making healthier food choices?  I am going to share my method with you that works with children from 18 months old and up. Start by asking your child if they are experiencing any symptoms with which they are not happy?

  • Is your child getting sick frequently?
  • Do they have frequent ear infections?
  • Do the have a bowel movement each day? Are they constipated?
  • Do they have ADD?
  • Do they have asthma?
  • Do they have a skin condition? Eczema?

What we eat affects every aspect of our being!  And what we eat contributes to every symptom, condition and disease.  We eat multiple times a day but we tend to think that what we eat has no effect on how we feel or look, how much energy we have or how well our brains work.  The biggest challenge a nutritionist faces is helping others to see the link between how they are feeling and what they are eating. Now your challenge is to help your child see the link.

If your child is experiencing any of the health challenges mentioned above and is bothered enough by that symptom, he or she may be relieved to know that there is something that can be done to help them!  You could go to a naturopath or nutritionist and have food sensitivity testing done on your child or you could begin your own detective work.  The goal is to determine the food that is your child’s biggest culprit for the symptoms they are experiencing.

I’ll give you two hints on what food might be bothering your child 

  1. The food that your child cannot live without AND/OR the food your child eats the most often
  2. The two biggest culprits in North America, for all symptoms, are DAIRY and WHEAT – it is no coincidence that these are the two food groups of which we eat the most.

Great, you say.  Yes, great! Now we have have a place to begin.

Now, ideas should be forming in your head, as to which foods are the potential culprits for your child.  If you want to test that food on your child to see if it is indeed a culprit, all you need to do is completely remove the particular food(s) from their diet for one week and then reintroduce it.   Easier said than done, I know.  How badly your child’s health challenge is affecting them will determine if your child will be onside with trying this method for improving their health.  Once the week has passed, you will find that when you reintroduce the problematic food, your child will react worse than ever before to that food and you will have found your child’s first culprit food.  I invite you to embark on the journey of discovering the biggest culprit for your child’s specific health challenge and then replace that food with a healthier alternative!

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by Meredith Deasley from The Resourceful Mother Pediatric Nutritionist and Life Coach 

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